About us

Do you have a product you want to bring to the global market? OUTVED will do its best to help you.


We provide the full range of services allowing the representatives of Small, Medium and Large Enterprises launch export sales and arrange a full-fledged international business activity.

Following our cooperation, you will receive a complete system solution:

  • 01

    Analysis of the company’s readiness to work on foreign markets

  • 02

    Marketing packaging of the company for the target markets

  • 03

    Selection of the most remunerable markets for the sales of its products

  • 04

    Development and implementation of online/offline strategy of export sales

  • 05

    Forecasting and planning of the key indicators

  • 06

    Export team formation

  • 07

    Setting of the export sales system (systematizing of the local sales department and launch of export department)

  • 08

    Arrangement of international business activity

  • 09

    Coordination of all documentation and operating activities

  • 10

    Outsourcing of international business activity


When entering a foreign market, you should be aware that it is very demanding. Most probably, you will have to rebuild many business processes, optimize your operating activities and improve the quality of your products.

When some companies realize it, they discourage themselves and put export sales away for later. But they think that they should do everything on their own. Other companies activate the go-go mode and quickly fall into a trap, commit mistakes and inaccuracies by postponing their successful start and putting their reputation on the line.

OUTVED undertakes all efforts and bureaucracy and helps businesses conquer new market horizons without damage to the quality and service in the domestic market.

Michael Lesniak, CEO of OUTVED

Руководитель ВЭД компании OUTVED


When clients start exploring the sphere of export transactions, they are often faced with companies vividly depicting some alluring pictures. Strategies… Concepts… Monitoring… Forecast reports…

Nobody needs this waste paper, because export is about specific finely honed events constituting a clear system of sequential activities.

OUTVED is focused on a specific result for its clients. The clients appreciate our commitment to strict compliance with the following key principle:


We find a unique solution for each specific situation; we do not adjust the business to the existing ready solutions.

What does this mean? You achieve the desired result at a significantly lower price and much faster than it might seem.


  • HIGH STANDARDS We set high standards of exceptional quality of services because this is how business is done on foreign markets.
  • BUSINESS APPROACHAll our actions are aimed at ensuring the financial efficiency and short return on investment
  • QUICK MARKET ENTRYRegardless of the assumption that it takes a couple of years to arrange international business activity, we provide the first result within a few months.
  • COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONSWe cover all the online and offline promotion tools, support each project from the concept to signing the first contracts and supporting the international business activity.
  • CONCURRENT TRAININGWe always explain and say what we are going to do and why. Thus, we boost the export competence of our clients, who become experts in the issues, of which they did not know before.
  • ADVANCED INTERNATIONAL PRACTICESWe constantly introduce new methods, practices and technologies used by the leading companies. Consider this as cooperation with an international company, where everything is done reasonably and according to a system.
  • OUTSOURCING MODELOUTVED is ready to fully substitute a department responsible for international business and international trade. We develop strategies, implement them and lead to signing of contracts.

The more reasonably the export is launched, the more profitable will be your business.


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You may find the most accurate and reliable information about the work of OUTVED
from feedbacks of our clients, who have already experienced some benefits.

We asked our clients to prepare reference letters with their opinions on cooperation with us:


    Руководитель компании по внешнеэкономической деятельности



  • 15+ years in international trade

  • 95+ completed projects

  • 2 published books

    and 14 proprietary training workshops

  • Experience in managing the international business with turnover

    of USD 20 million per month

  • Experience of his own business in international trade

  • Постоянный спикер Клуба Экспортёров Украины, ТПП Украины, CUTIS, EPO и многих мероприятий по международной торговле

  • Консультант EBRD

  • Автор технологии «Экспорт за 3 месяца»

  • 252 партнера в Мире

  • In OUTVED, he is responsible for

    arrangement of international business activity and international trade,

    and supports the strategic

    issues of international business development.

    Основатель компании OUTVED



  • Sales expert, a practitioner (while studying at a university, he conducted a transaction on sales of non-merchantable locomotive at USD 155,000)

  • Building and running sales departments in the local and international markets (for example, he arranged the 100% annual consistent growth for 6.5 years of GoodWine)

  • Efficient sales of complex products — manufacturing lines, equipment, vehicles, building granite, fine spirits.

  • Systematizing of the existing sales departments.

  • In OUTVED, he is responsible for building, launch, and quality control of sales departments.

Target and mission OUTVED

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OUTVED is the company, cooperation of which with clients is based on the best international traditions and is performed at the highest level:

  • MUTUAL RESPECT During negotiations with foreign partners, we always represent and defend the interests of our clients according to a clearly agreed position.
  • COMMITMENT TO RESULTS The main thing in our business is to perform the client’s tasks on bringing its products to foreign markets, and we are always committed to the fulfilment of this task.
  • THE NUMBERS TELL THE STORIES BEST Business is governed by numbers rather than words. That is why we follow specific efficiency data, which can be evaluated and measured, in our work.
  • OPENNESS AND TRUST We coordinate every step with the client to make him fully immersed in procedural issues and understand what is being done and what results it leads to.
  • COMPLEXITYThe client works with a single company that deals with all the issues on export launch. You no longer have to engage one-time contractors, who are difficult to coordinate and incorporate into a single operating system.


OUTVED actively promotes its activities and regularly holds open workshops in Kyiv, where it shares information on how to bring products to foreign markets with the participants.

Let us look how it works:


You can not only listen to useful information but also receive answers to your questions.